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What is an Adult Foster Care Home?


An adult foster care home is a home, not an institution like assisted living. Adult foster care home provides a supervised environment for adults that are unable to live independently due to a debilitating physical or mental condition.

How much does it cost?


Price varies based on needs. One of the nurses will asses the potential patient before move in and give an estimate based on acuity. 

Are the Rooms private?


We have both private rooms and one shared room with lift system. 

Do you have a lift?


Yes. We have a overhead lift in the shared room and a portable lift.

Can My mom or dad bring there own furniture?


Of course. We encourage clients to bring there own things from home to make Columbia Care Cottage their new home. 

What is the caregiver to patient ratio?


Our client to caregiver ratio is 1 to 2 and most days 2 to 2. This ratio makes it so your family member or loved one gets the golden standard of care.